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Seriously, comparing it with Zelda (or even Doom) is incredibly unfair.. You can't really compare a game developed by Nintendo themselves for the system they developed with the huge amount of expertise and manpower behind it with a port of an indie title which was not even considered to be on anything else but the PS4 when the engine was built.. (Similarly with Doom, Bethesda and Panic Button.)
Of course that's not at all an excuse for the performance issues the game has, but you can't expect an indie studio to perform on par even with the experienced devs at Bethesda and Panic Button, let alone Nintendo themselves. The issues RiME has are not acceptible even for an indie studio, but that comparison is a bit much.

They bit more off than they could chew, the streaming engine originally built with exclusively PS4 in mind was probably an almost too ambitious project to begin with, let alone changing gears to make it compatible with other systems on top of that.. I think you're right that RiME shouldn't get a pass because of this, but I think this should be considered looking at the developers and the studio. Their next project will show if they have learned from the troubles RiME gave them.

Anyway, comparing it with Zelda and Doom is still unfair.