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Sun & Moon was the shot in the arm that Pokemon needed, but the fandom is a double-edge sword.

There are fans that want the series to go back to "Game Boy" Pokemon, but make the new game a MMORPG. There are those that want the series to go back to "Game Boy" style, but are ok with it just being a regular RPG. There are those that like modern Pokemon trying to mix it up with X & Y moving away from sprites to full CGI graphics (including incorporating some of the Pokemon Stadium battle systems for X&Y's battles) to later Sun & Moon doing away with "Game Boy"-style progression (at least until the post-game).

I'm excited for what could be possible with Pokemon Switch, but the "Game Boy" progression really needed a break...at least for awhile. I'm sure there are plenty of stories GameFREAK could tell that doesn't need "Game Boy" progression in it.