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- There are clock-based events in Gen III(berries, Espeon/Umbreon, daily events etc). I assume you meant day/nighttime encounters, since there was no day/night system.

- Move tutors is an incentive to buying the latest game of a generation. I don't like that they are tied to remakes/third versions, but GF does it to change things up for the competitive season. The battle frontier was also an incentive to buying the latest game, but unfortunately GF seems to have moved from that. Interestingly, they have teased the Battle Pyramid in USUM. GF knows it had backlash for not including the BF in ORAS(and just referencing the Battle Tower) so why would they try to reference yet another Battle Facility? Hopefully its a sign of things to come.

- The focused on Z-moves so Mega Evolutions were tossed to the post-game in both SM and USUM. In SM you can get certain stones, but some of then could only be gotten through Wifi Events. They are all available in USUM. TBH I would say the probability of Mega Evolutions coming back is much higher than Z-moves coming back. I do find it funny how people now want Megas even though when they were first announced people wished they were regular evolutions instead (we havent gotten new evolutions to existing pokes since Gen 4)

- All Pokemon had walk animations in Gen 7 that were unused. Its likely they could not add it due to the 3DS limitation. Since GF has future proofed pokemon models for HD dev, it might be possible we will be getting walking Pokemon for next gen. If we don't, idk what other excuse there could be for no walking pokemon especially when they have took the time to make all those walking animations =/