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Sun Nov 19 17 10:50pm
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I do find it funny how people now want Megas even though when they were first announced people wished they were regular evolutions instead

Pretty sure people like Megas, but feel they were poorly implemented. Giving Megas to mons that can't evolve is a great idea (free 100 to the base stats; that's power they couldn't get otherwise)... but giving Megas to mons that can evolve is just a waste of potential; a temporary 100 to the base stats (vs permanent 120-150 for a normal evolution) and only being on par with tougher normal mon (vs OP Mega forms) means those lesser Mega forms aren't going to see much use (since you can only have one on your team).

(we havent gotten new evolutions to existing pokes since Gen 4)

Hmmm... not true. We did get Sylveon last gen... and just Sylveon. I suppose what you mean to say is they haven't added new evolutions to many old mons.