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Oh I didn't say they disliked Megas, its just that they wanted megas like Mega Mawhile, Absol, Pinsir etc to be evolutions due to the reasons you have listed. I remember complaints of how the popular and powerful pokes (Gengar, Garchomp, Gyrados etc) got Megas when they didn't really needed to. Although Megas like Kanghaskhan and Mawile show that non-evolved Megas were quite powerful as well(....but then they made more megas to fully evolved pokes and gave a mega to audino of all things...). Now people don't seem to care and want any Mega now.

Yes that is what I meant, we only had Sylveon in Gen 6 compared to Gen 2 and 4 which added new evolutions to a bunch of older Pokemon. I feel like the only reason Eevee got one in Gen 6 was to introduce Fairy types and also to follow the even-numbered Gen rule (every even-numbered Gen since Gen 2 added some new eeveelution )