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From my own experience, I lost interest in the main Pokémon Games since Sun and Moon. Game is one long tutorial, 3D visuals adds nothing to gameplay (cept framerate chugging) and tile-based puzzles are pretty much gone. To me, Pokémon games were about the Trainer: The underdog, living in solitude with only their 'mon by their side overcoming challenges (both battles and puzzles). With the Rotom Dex holding your hand and all the general feeling of bumbling from A to B, Sun and Moon just did not appeal.

Rather than change Pokémon's core, I feel Game Freak would rather focus on minor parts such as the Latias overworld flying minigame from ORAS, or add other features like Pokémon following you (HGSS) which are then removed from the next game. I get why they don't innovate the core much - why fix what's not broken? They've been using the same formula since 1996 where new game = new map, more Pokémon and have raked in billions. Perhaps it's part of growing up, but as it is currently Pokémon just doesn't appeal any more, and that makes me sad.