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Wed Nov 29 17 06:11pm
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The people would will make great games for the Switch and bring them to it will make money on the system, and the people like you Harada san who WAIT for people to beg, will end up not doing anything for the system and not make any money on it, because as of right now, the Switch sells, and games released for it, surprisingly, sell too. So go ahead Harada san. Just sit there and wait for stuff to happen on its own and watch everyone except you making money on the Switch. The system friggin sold 140k+ units in a week in Japan last week. When was the last time the other systems you make games for without question sold that many units? If you're this dumb, then I'm not sure we want any of your games on the system anyway... or else grow a brain and bring us your best content and you'll see. It'll sell!