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Not really. The only reason that's the case is because most games are made for PS4/XBO in mind and since the Switch is Nintendo's first major success in decades, there's no way anybody who was working on a game for as many years as Tekken 7 took was going to get these AAA ports out on the same day as the other systems, especially if it wasn't planned. Until all the T7 DLC comes out and a GOTY version would be worth it, there's no reason for the game to exist as-is on the switch and be a belated, late port since it would do terribly.

Maybe if Nintendo fans bought more third party games for Wii U instead of complaining that it wasn't the next Mario or Zelda, (As I saw often on Miiverse communities for third party Virtual Console games/obscure third party retail games not made by the usual big guys) and if more people in general bought TT2 for Wii U (Which WAS a great enhanced port of the game) they wouldn't be having to spend extra dev time working on late ports since it would have been in development as soon as the team heard the system existed. Even the late port of DBXV2 was announced back when the system launched, and that took eight months to get released before they could tell whether it was worth it or not.