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I can't wait until the holidays are over to see how well Doom, Skyrim, Rocket League, LA Noire, Resident Evil Revelations, Batman the TellTale series, and Sonic Forces sold on Switch. I know I bought all of these games and honestly if it wasn't for the portable nature of the console I probably wouldn't have gotten a few of these like Skyrim, Sonic Forces (would've probably gotten it on PS4), and Revelations (only because I've bought Revelations twice before making this time my 3rd time and owned Revelations 2 on PS3).

Really will be interested to see if their really is a market for 3rd parties on Switch just so we can have something to back up and throw in these company faces for making accusations like this! Part of me feels I'm not alone on the 3rd party ports on Switch people will buy them because the novelty to play these games anywhere to a LOT of people is more important than higher graphical fidelity but I could be wrong.