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Fair review. I think it's good to get the point of view from someone who is not into RPGs. I read a handful of other reviews from various outlets and it's all over of the place. lol Some thought the story and voice acting was good. Others thought it was was eye-rolling worthy with awkward English accent delivery. While RMC praised the tutorial for easing him into the mechanics throughout the game, a few reviews said it was poorly implemented. The main consensus from all of the reviews I got was that the soundtrack is amazing. Like that was ever in doubt.

While I'm 99.9% sure I'm going to love the game, there are a few things that bothers me. First will be the absence of various costumes/equipments for your party to wear. Sad to see one of my favorite aspect of the series removed. I guess all the time spent on designing rare blades and wanting to keep a consistent quality of cutscenes, that feature had to go. The other issue is the length of battle time and field skills. From watching earlier videos, it does seem that battles last a bit longer than usual even when fighting regular enemies within your level range. Might just be a problem in the early phases of the game so we'll see. The field skills of the blades seems like it could be real hassle if you're not regularly doing side-quests. It sounds like an unnecessary restriction to keep people from exploring freely at their own risk. Other than that, it seems like another massive and epic game from Monolith Soft and I can't wait for tomorrow.