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Fri Dec 01 17 10:50am
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Unfortunately I won't be able to get this game until later this month. However, based on what I have seen from people who share my opinions of the series (Derrick of GameXplain who reviewed XCX and XC2, LPed XC1 and Chuggaconroy who LPed and 100% XC1, and played XCX), these games improve a lot of things from XC1 and XCX (like the combat and side quests). There are somethings that might be "worse" than the previous games, but the game is still great and worth your time. While they do not state if its their favorite story from the games, I believe they imply that while the story might not be as good as XC1, it still has amazing moments (tbf XC1 story is one of the best in any JRPG).