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It's the same argument Bandai Namco makes in regards to the Tales series.

Falcom has not directly supported Nintendo outside Ys V on Super Famicom that never had a western release for our SNES. There were other devs/pubs that ported some of Falcom's titles on other platforms, but Falcom has never supported Nintendo from the start. They say they see no market outside PCs and Sony, but it's hard to see a market, WHEN YOU REFUSE TO BUILD ONE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

At least Namco Bandai tried on Nintendo by putting Tales on the map via Symphonia for GameCube, but then Sony "bought" them out and Nintendo never received any new games since Dawn of the New World since outside old ports. Tales of the Abyss 3D was the last thing Nintendo fans ever saw from the Tales series at least in the west (Japan had some exclusives until they were ported to Sony platforms later).


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