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That sounds like a THREAT! Honestly, Sony are mostly lucky they let Microsoft get blamed for planning to institute the same DRM, always-online system they were going to and they got to backpedal in private. They do have much better exclusives than Xbox (and I say this as an Xbox One owner who never owned a PlayStation product), but they should never have grown complacent about having such a commanding lead this gen, because it was not really because of anything they did and I bet they were surprised. The less self-aware Sony fanboys got so used to being number one console for sales and graphics they don't seem to be able to process that Xbox One X is far more advanced and Switch, even with shortages, is routinely outselling PS4. But most of the Sony fans are reasonable, normal people. Years of a small minority gloating on virtually every video game site really stunk up the brand for me, despite me knowing in the front of my mind that those people aren't Sony's fault and not representative of most Sony fans.


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