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No, more something along the lines of bad emulation process. Bad framerates , uneven display for example yes. But I mean it is difficult to accept knowing it is emulation of arcade games from years ago. Now I know arcade is never easy to emulate but they have had years of potentially copying what has been done by the fan community emulation-wise and even perfect it if they wanted to. So it's still a hard pill to swallow when they release someting as a "celebration" and they seem to have so little respect for the orignal material that they're not even capable of making it as awesome as it should be. It's nothing that makes the games unplayble, sure, but come on, it should not even be a concern.

And also, I'm not a hardcore vs fighting gamer, but it is SF3.3 we're talking about. I'm pretty sure some more capable players would argue that fiddling with the framerate actually completely destroys their playstyle.