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Aw, dude please chill and just sell your copy if you already haven‘t. If you bought it digital though, well, shit happens.

Never regretted my purchase of USF2. It lacks a little in content and removing the mini games was just a stupid idea, but my Switch is telling me I currently play for over 10 hours. It is still a much better game, even in this day and age, compared to Street Fighter V.

So, don‘t compare a Remaster with a collection of arcade ports. Anyway, this is a great package. SNK released something similar on the PSP with King of Fighters and Midway with their arcade games including Mortal Kombat, also on the PSP. Downside was, most of the emulations performed horribly. Hope Capcom will deliver a smooth experience. Really surprised they added even the original Street Fighter.

Guess Europe will get a special ultra digital edition from these pricks handling the release.