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Since my last post I did finish Destroy All Humans! because I found out the cheat codes from the PS2 version still work in the PS4 version and using them doesn't prevent you from unlocking trophies. So if in 2017 you still care about trophies, there ya go.

Yesterday I finished up Super Mario Odyssey 100%.
I had skipped as many of the previews for this game as I could because it's Mario and I already knew it was gonna be great so it's not like they had to convince me. With all the praise the game was getting I was expecting it to take the crown of best 3D Mario title away from Super Mario Galaxy 2. While Super Mario Odyssey is quite freakin' awesome, I'm not convinced just yet that it takes the crown. I've spent a lot of time with it, I like the big worlds and I like exploring them, but damn they need to knock it off with making modern Mario titles so easy until you reach the last 10% of the game. Seriously, some of the stars are right there out in the open, you don't have to search very hard or do anything to earn them, you just walk up and take it. There are others though that are hidden really well or require you to butt-stomp on a very specific tile. But if you're not the type of person who goes for 100% completion in games, you're probably just gonna breeze right through this like it's nothing.

The 2D sections are a really cool little bonus but I don't like how they control because you can only use the analog stick and there is no proper d-pad on the Joy-Con (which is really going to suck when they inevitiably bring Super Mario Maker to Switch). To me, controlling a character in a 2D platformer with an analog stick just feels wrong. The 2D sections are just a very minor part of this game though, and the controls for the rest of the game in general are solid.

The music is typical Mario style. Not exactly the kind of stuff I'd listen to in my free time, but it sounds good while playing.
Overall it's a fantastic game. It's not quite the breath of fresh air for the series like Breath of the Wild was to Zelda, but it's a great game and definitely recommended for Switch owners, especially if you've skipped the last couple of Nintendo consoles and this is your first Mario title in a while.


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