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On Switch: Super Mario Odyssey

Had a blast going through the main part of the game. Doing a lot of collecting of various moons and coins now. Although I'm finding it harder to go back in and get them all. Maybe it's just me. but I would have liked it if they toned it down a notch with the amount of moons and made them a bit more rare like with stars/shines in previous Mario games. Loved the game, loved the worlds, loved the 2D sections, loved the cappy mechanism, and I liked the different outfits. For some reason it just doesn't pass the Galaxy games in my opinion. Still a very good game though.

On Mobile: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Currently level 39. It's a nice time killer for ~20 minute intervals. Not much to do compared to a typical Animal Crossing, buy they are adding gardens and clothing crafting soon. For a free game though, definitely a cut and fun game I would recommend.


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