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Zelda DLC: Was OK, I really liked the way it started. It added a cool atmosphere to the area, and having to plan in order to assault enemy camps is perhaps the best way to approach combat in this game. The middle part dragged, since after doing one it was repeating that same structure 3 other times. I did like some puzzles but it felt very pedestrian as it is a microcosmos of the base game. The last section both the dungeon and boss were very good imo. Unlike the other divine beasts this dungeon was sectioned better, and put use to all the runes. It spawned enemies between every completed section and it was one of those moments where at start it felt like a lot but then you get how to approach each problem. The boss isn't particularly hard, but its more of a spectacle than any other boss since it had a lot of phases, the arena looked cool and it keeps on moving and not only telegraphing attacks. Still the only thing I felt it was badly advertised it's that it isn't an original story, it's just adding scenes and more description to each hero. I think it'll have been cool to link the boss with the Yiga Clan more, since it'll be cooler if this were the original leader and that Koga simply took over after him disappeared or something like that. The motorcycle makes me wish this game had New Game Plus, it'll make for a cool mechanic to replay the base game.

I'm replaying RE: Revelations on the Switch and motion aiming is very OP I really don't get why it hasn't caught on, it adds precision to the dual analog setup and new games could greatly make for more creative and challenging shooting with this setup (although that doesn't seem to be the case in PC in where mouse it's more precise). Also, hmm... I'm starting to see some aspects that may be why people don't speak highly of this game. Also it seems on my first playthrough I didn't caught on the fact you have a partner in several sections which is why I skipped RE:Revelations 2. I suppose I'll play it after this since I like shooting with this control scheme and I suppose I'll take the few "brave" games that do try to use it.


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