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I got a PlayStation VR as a birthday/Christmas combo gift. Mostly I've messed around with demos, the first real game I played was Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

Wow this was intense. I wish it was longer, but while it lasts it is great. I'm glad I chose this to be the first actual game I decided to play but I think it is going to take a lot to be able to top this. I already know this will be one of those memorable gaming experiences that stays with me forever, like when you meet Bowser for the first time in Super Mario 64.

The game is far from perfect (I've had a couple of moments where things are going smoothly and then out of nowhere the calibration gets messed up and my character is aiming the guns in every direction except where I'm actually pointing) and like I already said, I wish it was longer. There are only 7 stages and they last on average around 10-15 minutes each and the first level just feels like an extended tutorial so that barely counts.
When the game ended I was kind of confused and didn't feel like it was built up as good as it could have been. And also, this game feels like there was no need for them to have slapped the Until Dawn name on it. Until Dawn is a game I will remember as being one of the better story driven games I've played this console gen, while Until Dawn: Rush of Blood has almost no story worth mentioning, you're just playing it for the experience. It's a damned fun experience though. The audio is good, I definitely recommend using a headset or the headphones the VR comes with as the TV speakers don't do it much justice when you wanna hear which direction the enemies are coming from.


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