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Finished Blossom Tale on Switch. It was shorter than I anticipated, took somewhere between 5-6 hours.

Has four dungeons, 3 + Villians Castle. The dungeons were fun, not overly challenging but not overly easy either.

Very, VERY, reminiscent of a top down 2D Zelda like A Link to the Past with weapons like Bow, Boomerang, Bombs and even a protective Bee.

Has a fun method of story telling which is done from the perspective of a Grandpa telling the story to his two Grandchildren.

That adds some decision making where you get to decide some minor elements like fighting Ninjas or Pirates as the two kids argue about some story elements. The choice is cosmetic but a nice touch.

Not sure if there’s much replay value other than re-tracing around the world to find all heart pieces for example. The game does give you an item post-game so I think it expects you to go and find missing things but not sure there really is much of a incentive.

For that reason I feel the €14.99 price tag is a tad much (but comparable to the Steam version) and would have felt better value at €9.99.

If you like 2D Zelda games then this would be right up your alley and deserving of your attention.


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