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I just beat Type:Rider on PlayStation 4.

I didn't know what to expect out of this game. It was "free" a while back from PS+. You control a colon (hehe) in a 2D platformer (including a level with a mine cart section, a level with retro game references and a secret level with meme references) collecting letters of the alphabet while learning about typography (well, the learning part is optional, I haven't gone back to read anything after I unlocked it).
I like the art style, but sometimes I noticed the frame-rate wasn't always so smooth. It wasn't bad enough to make a big deal of it, but this looks like something that came from the Wii era so it was just weird seeing frames drop on PS4. The controls for the most part are good but there were a few times where the physics were kind of wonky and would cause me to die when I shouldn't have (it happened several times in the mine cart level). Overall the game is slightly longer than 2 hours and is definitely possible to unlock everything in one sitting, though I didn't, and I'm not sure if I want to go back and collect whatever I missed.


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