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Oooh, nice haul, Hammer. Even a Virtual Boy?! I really need to get my hands on a Virtual Boy (with it's box) but they are SO expensive. Nice stuff you got. A lot of things I do not have (and if you have not already, do play that StarFox Guard. Guard was awesome, I want a sequel).

I am still waiting for my next batch of stuff to arrive, once they come I will take new pictures as well. ^^ I also snagged the Assassin's Creed 3 Special Edition (for Wii-U) and the Black Flag Skull Edition (also Wii-U) which means I now have... about 15 of the 24 various types of Big-Box games for Wii-U. (I have probably missed some, but for now, I googled and only found 24 different ones). ^^ Awesome.

Well that is nice. A collection doesn't have to take up a while room to be awesome. ^^


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