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I've heard this variety of comments for two gaming gens now, and honestly, it makes less sense the more I reflect on it. On no other family of gaming platforms (not even Nintendo portables) do you see gamers telling one another to support a certain type of game, even if it's mediocre, in order to prove a certain audience exists. What is it with some Nintendo console owners and this need to prove that there's an "adult" market that is so important as to make these rather immature requests?

Nintendo should full and well KNOW the type of audience that exist on its platforms and what games it should be making to cater to it, and if that's not the M-rated action game, then so be it. As an open and independent-minded adult that owns only the Wii U as far as active platforms go, this doesn't compel me to buy Devil's Third in the slightest; if anything, it puts a sour taste in my mouth that I'm being told what I need to support and why I need to support it, even if I don't see myself enjoying the game that greatly. This would be the cause of great rebuttal in any other walk of life, but there are people who have actually supported this idea since the middle of the Wii days, which I find absolutely absurd.

This would be like a seven year-old and telling Xbox One owners that they should buy some run-of-the-mill licensed platformer or puzzle game to prove that "kids games" can sell on the system in massive quantities; the only difference is that audience is quite comfortable with what buys and wouldn't give much attention to the pleas of that young individual. I think it's about time that some Nintendo fans get over this need to look "adult" in the industry's eyes and accept that "adult games" don't have the same importance or impact on Nintendo platforms as they would like and be just as comfortable with this reality as everyone else is.

I'm not telling those interested in the game to not buy it; if you think you'll enjoy it, it's absolutely your call. That's as far as this should ever go, though. This whole reverse-boycotting thing that goes on with every "Mature" game on a Nintendo system NEEDS to go (coughoperationplatinumcough), especially since it's not sending much of a positive message...


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