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Tue Jan 16 18 01:02am
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Much harder than PC, for sure. My brother and I made a platformer called Entertainment Hero. We started the project specifically to release it on Switch back when it was NX. When we announced it RMC was super nice and posted it here even! We pitched it to Nintendo ages ago and we were shot down. I understand, we're entirely unknown, the game wasn't done and needed a lot of polish but I got the impression that the game wouldn't ever be accepted for release because it isn't what they were looking for. This was months ago, mind. We eventually gave up on a Nintendo Switch release happening anytime soon and released it on Steam instead. Comes out tomorrow, actually.


We're hoping if the game does well on Steam Nintendo will reconsider us when we pitch future games. Of course, in a perfect world Nintendo would just do away with this strange audition process and sell Switch dev kits like they do all their other platforms. In short, it seems pretty tough to get your game on Switch right now. The only common factor I notice is that games on the eShop have often found success elsewhere first.


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