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The Switch eShop is full of VERY VERY shitty mobile ports and Nintendo is perfectly about selling us that kind of crap.

Nintendo of America are just as****les. They even do that with their own games. Fatal Frame 5 physical copy? Nope, only for Europe and Japan. Disaster? No, Europe and Japan. Fatal Frame 4? Nope, Japan only. Zangeki no Reginleiv? No, Japan only.

And don't tell me these are not good and would sell here because I got my Wii hacked and I have played all those and they are some of the top games on the console.

Also, look at Last Story and Pandora's Tower. Nintendo didn't want these games here because they wouldn't sell well, but other publishers got these and... they sold really freakin' well.

Nintendo of America is the worst of all 3 Nintendos.


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