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Tue Jan 16 18 07:15pm
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Just go to the home page, look at the Switch sales: 9.8M, when Nintendo themselves stated that @ the end of November they had sold 10M Switch & here we are 1&1/2 month later during which period sold almost 1M Switch alone in Japan & they have 9.8 on their front page!!! Right know Switch must be around 13M, trust me my figure must be way more accurate than VG Fartz...
Look at the Japanese sales of Fifa 18: http://www.vgchartz.com/game/180527/fifa-18/?region=All ,on VG Fartz & the MC & Famitsu charts for the same game: https://www.resetera.com/threads/media-create-sales-week-1-2018-jan-01-jan-07.15580/ They can't even bring themselves to copy/paste the data...
Are you convinced yet??? All their data is bogus, anyone a tiny bit inside video gaming knows that!!!
If you don't want your credibility being ruined, don't be seen quoting VG Fartz on the internet... ;)


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