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Well...see here's the difference.

Most of the ports the Switch has are all on the Wii U which is no longer in production and a much harder console to get at this point so to port those good games that the Wii U has on the switch makes a lot of sense because they are reselling those games again with the only difference being that it is sold on a better performed system profit wise making those games more of a demand. I have a feeling that those Zelda ports will also come to the Switch as well.

With PS4 though, there is really no reason to port games that were already in the last gen besides tweaking graphics side of things.

Playing PS3 games isn't that difficult either. PS3 can be bought like around 80$ on Amazon and even then, you have the PS Now system that lets you do so.

Last of us, Valkyria chronicles and some others don't have any reason to be "remastered" when you can play them easily on PS Now.


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