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Sun Jan 21 18 04:28pm
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I do and for a while this is all I knew. But then I got to play some other games like Xenosaga, SMT3 Nochturne, Psychonauts, Dragon Quest 7, even more abstract and oddball games like little inferno and I realized there is a different kind of magic in those games. Heck even Little King Story has a magic that puts many nintendo games to shame (it was developed by the Japanese all stars of developers after all) and Nintendo leave a lot to be desired in terms of storytelling and other companies fill in this blank wonderfully, from the indy the fall which made my jaw drop at the finale, to the "WHERE IS SHE?" in The Last of Us which was hands down one of the most emotional moments of the past generation.

and while I will never stop 5 starring mario games (if odyssey kept that same system in place) but I could never believe the amazement I would have with lesser known and even flawed games these past 10 years.

and nintendo consoles offer only a tiny fragment of what is worth it out there.

PS: I do not have a PS4 and not planning to get one in the forseeable future. Too expensive for me.


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