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I've been playing Ocarina of Time 3D. And after BotW, I wanted to be more critical despite the unfathomable praise and cherish I have for this nostalgic classic.

I noticed how in a way it's a 2D Zelda influence in a 3D space. With the benefit of having played the newer Zelda games, I didn't noticed before how block based this game is, in regards to the dungeon design. Everyone relies on you pushing a block into place, turning a couple of switches and or killing enemies. The child dungeons are incredibly linear and the adult ones at least involve backtracking at points. The new additions like one extra slot for items and one exclusive for the ocarina, means less time in the menu screen. The gyro controls once again is a better way to aim, it just is.

In contrast it makes me appreciate a bit more the improvements of BotW. Puzzles are more complex and open ended. Exploration is unrestrained. In spanish the VA was commendable, and the regions feel diverse. It's just a half full glass feeling that the dungeons are so few and indistinguishable. Because it's not about the complexity or length, but the diversity, which adds it's own personality to the experience. But then again the open field perhaps was never good in the other games and that's something BotW succeeded. If it could marry both approaches it might be the ultimate type of game (also if it tells an original story), since after OoT and Twilight Princess that setup is unexciting.


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