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Wed Jan 24 18 07:17pm
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Two games I've been playing recently:
Emily Wants To Play Too on PC.
The first Emily Wants To Play, I admit I only bought it because I saw Dashie play it on YouTube and I likes me some jump scares. Unfortunately, you only need to play for an hour or two before the jump scares have worn off and you don't get scared anymore because you start to expect them at all times. It's the same thing in this game. A jump scare might catch you off guard, but you'll pretty much know when most of them are coming. You at least have a bigger area to go through in this game instead of just the same house with you running around the same handful of rooms the entire time, which was the case in the first game.

The story is you playing a sandwich delivery dude and you're going up against a child's toys that have come to life. You'll play games with them, like hide & seek or freeze tag.

The game isn't really "scripted", so things play out a little differently each time you fail. There are certain areas of the building where only certain enemies show up, and they won't be in the same spot every time. That can make things frustrating sometimes. The game length is weird, too. Some people have beaten it in under an hour, but it took me six hours for my first playthough. I didn't keep track of how many times I failed but it was for sure over 100.

This will be getting ported to consoles later this year and the developer is considering adding in VR support for the PlayStation 4 version. If that happens I will buy it on there, too. It was only $7 or $8 anyway.

I've also been playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.
What the hell, Nintendo? This is not Animal Crossing. I really hope this "game" doesn't lure in new players who may have heard of Animal Crossing but never played it and then trick them into thinking this is what the series is about and then they lose interest before getting to play a proper one on Switch.
Just to show how huge of an Animal Crossing fan I am, in the 3DS version alone I have over 6,000 hours in it across three 3DS systems, three towns in the US release of the game and a Korean town and Japanese town, so for Nintendo to slap the Animal Crossing name on this is a big disappointment to me. Especially because it comes on the heels of two other shitty spin-offs (Happy Home Academy on 3DS and Amiibo Festival on Wii U). I had 0 interest in any of of Nintendo's other mobile games (Miitomo, Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem, Pokemon Go etc.) so I waited almost 2 years specifically for this, so that just adds to the disappointment. It is hands down the biggest gaming letdown of 2017 for me.


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