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I just beat Heroes Of Ruin on 3DS.

This released back in 2012, I had been meaning to check it out for years but only just recently got around to it. It's a 4 player co-op action/RPG. There are four different classes to choose from, I used the Gunslinger.
Apparently this sold pretty poorly, so there is no chance of it getting a sequel. My impressions of the game is just based on it as a single player experience because the online community is almost nonexistant at this point. Someone joined me just before I bought the final boss, but besides that I played 99% of the game alone.

The graphics are not so bad, but could've looked better. It looks like almost like a Nintendo64 game at times. The 3D effect is nice but I noticed the game couldn't keep a steady frame-rate when it's on and you're surrounded by enemies. And there was one boss fight where the boss is huge and you're surrounded by fire, it felt like I was playing in slow motion.

The music/sound is alright. The characters will speak in cutscenes but during gameplay they're just limited to little oneliners. When you're playing online co-op though, it does support voice chat. How many other 3DS games can you say that about?

Overall, the game felt pretty easy. Only a couple of times did I actually die and it was way early on in the game, before I knew how to use health potions.
So, while I did enjoy the game, it is something I would most likely never play again unless it was with three other people. Single player was just not the best way to play it.


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