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While I do strongly agree with the fact that Bayonetta 2 was made possible with Nintendo, I also see why it's disappointing that the Steam PC versions of Bayonetta 1/Vanquish haven't been ported to PS4/XB1 yet, since they would be systems that would benefit from a rerelease so more people can enjoy them.

Bayo 3 I also seriously doubt was in the same situation as the second game (At least Sony would have maybe considered it, surely,) so I can also see why PS/XB fans would feel left out about not getting that game, since you'd think Platinum would be able to have everyone enjoy the game, but I do understand why the second title would be Nintendo exclusive as it is Nintendo Funded. Don't think this was worth bugging Kamiya about obviously, but there is some legit points to fans who at least want to see Bayo 1/Vanquish released on a 4K Console.


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