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Wed Feb 07 18 04:17pm
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Or maybe people are allowed to enjoy a game for the price? I felt I got a good amount of enjoyment from buying the PS4 version of Forces and I really enjoyed the game save for three levels in the entire game that sucked.

Wasn't the best thing ever, but after generations on PS3 disappointed me with how loose it felt, this game made me really pleased and now I want to try Colors for Wii sometime in the future.

The only things I couldn't stand about the game were mainly related to the Switch port being at an icky 30 FPS instead of a smooth 60 (which for a sonic game is a nono) and the lack of achievements making the number and moon rings pointless in that version. I can totally see why the awful Switch port of Forces isn't liked at all, but I thought the PS4 version was a good game and I had a lot easier time getting into it than Mania which just drove me insane with Blue Sphere and Oil Ocean despite doing a lot of other things right. Mania's still the better game by far on the Switch but I think on other systems both Sonic games are good.

Also, you do realize there's a PS4/XB1 survey for the game, right? Where you can tell SEGA what you thought of the game? That's essential to letting them know what worked and what didn't eith forces and I gladly filled it out.


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