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Wed Feb 07 18 06:15pm
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Oh yeah, the Classic Sonic stages did not need to be there in any way shape or form, and outside of two near the end of the game they felt like beginner mario maker levels. But outside of that, I still felt the game was a lot better to get the hang of than Generations, since I never slid off turns except in a City stage near the end of the game (Which was the worst stage in the game bar none) and the stupid drift was gone. (but it would have helped in the aforementioned stage where I had to walk slow on purpose to not shoot off the corners randomly) I have a feeling Colors is the more solid game all around from what I see and hear, and that's why I want to try it, since it would have none of the stupid Classic levels and the boost formula isn't as loose as Generations. (At least, not the PS3 version of it, I hear the PC version is in 60FPS and runs better)


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