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Oh how unfortunate. This game was so mediocre. This game was super short you can beat it in 3 hours...Mania a game that costs $20 AND is WAYYY better you get more content than a game that was $40 at launch. The controls are sloppy, the level design is bland and you only get like 3 or 4 areas to run through that they reuse for all 30 levels. The story is lackluster and lacks any sort of stakes or consequences and YES this is a Sonic game at the end of the day it doesn't matter but don't market the game as having a deep and dark story then don't take advantage of it.

The soundtrack is extremely weak especially compared to Mania. Classic Sonic's gameplay is the WORST it's been since Sonic 4 episode 1 which is weird because (once again Mania) and Generations didn't have it perfect but it was sure as hell better than what we got here. Also Classic had NO REASON to be here other than to pander to nostalgia whores which once again is redundant due to Mania AND Generations already doing that and to a much better degree. The unlockables in this game are SO bad if you're not a fan of the custom characters which I wasn't or don't like collecting 5 red rings in a stage only to collect even more rings!



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