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There is a big difference between a regular bad game and shovelware.

The developers of Vroom likely tried to make a good game and simply failed because the concept was flawed and they were not ready to develop a 3d game on a brand new console.

RCMADIAX does not try to make good games at all, he simply tries to release as many games as possible and puts them on sale all the time to increase their visibilty. This way, he fools people who don't do research into buying his games.

It's ok to allow the people like the Vroom developers to put their games on the Switch because they actually try to make good games and might actually be successful sometimes.
Now, i'm usually all for "letting the market decide", but RCMADIX is lterally a shovelware developer, knowingly trying to sell bad games to unsuspecting people, and he will never make anything good because he does not even try.


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