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Wed Feb 14 18 12:55am
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You info is outdated, as Namco has already sold off its remaining shares. Namco has 0 shares in Monolith Soft.
On Monolith Soft's company page (when translated):

Total Numer: 2,4000 shares

-Nintendo Co., Ltd = 2,320 Shares
-Hirohide Sugiura - 30 shares
-Tetsuya Takahashi - 30 Shares
-Yasuyuki Honne - 20 shares

The 3 names after Nintendo are from Monolith Soft.

This means, from Monolith Soft's own site, that Nintendo owns 96.66% of Monolith Soft.

With Project X Zone 1 & 2, Nintendo was the one allowing Monolith Soft to do this game with Namco, as Nintendo & Namco are close. Even Project X Zone 2 was using 3 Nintendo owned characters (Which Monolith Soft would NOT be able to use without Nintendo's permission. Chrom & Lucina from Fire Emblem, Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles)

Creatures is not owned by Nintendo, and own 1/3 of the Pokemon franchise just like GameFreak & Nintendo (though unlike Creatures & GameFreak, Nintendo has sole trademark rights giving them the ultimate Veto Power over all things Pokemon).


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