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I just finished DOOM VFR on PlayStation 4.
I loves me some DOOM! But I honestly didn't even know about this game until a week or two before I bought it. I had no intention on buying VR so I didn't keep up with any games announced for it. Anyway, now that I've played this, it feels like it could've been DLC to DOOM 2016. And while it's cool to say you're playing DOOM in VR, it doesn't really feel much different than standard DOOM without VR.

Graphically this is nowhere near a "pretty" game. There are jaggies galore and things just look kinda blurry when you get up close to them. But by PS VR standards it is one of the better looking games I've played. It looks better on the TV if you're watching someone else play, but DOOM is the type of game you wanna play yourself, not watch someone else. Also, when playing with a DualShock 4 it looks like your character's arms are coming out of his neck or something. They're just too high up.

Controls: Ok, so there's many people that seem to prefer PS Move controllers when playing VR games. I agree that certain games are better with them, but this is not one of them. When you use the PS Move controllers this becomes one of those "point somewhere and you will warp there" type of games and I strongly dislike playing like that. Play with a standard DualShock 4 controller and you're given full control to play the game like a normal first-person shooter. So that's how I recommend playing it because when I used the PS Move controllers I struggled to even beat the opening tutorial because I can't get used to the button placement on those things. I don't own the Aim controller, so I can't say if it's any better or worse with that, but I think I'd still prefer the DualShock 4. The only issue is you might have to adjust the sensitivity or else you'll feel like your head is gonna explode.

Like DOOM 2016, the soundtrack here is pretty damn good. The game gets intense at times and the metal soundtrack kicks in right when you expect it, and you know crap is about to go down.

Overall, while this is not quite on the level of epic-ness of the DOOM game we got in 2016, this is still pretty damn fun. Just don't expect a AAA game out of it because they clearly sent their B-tier devs to work on this. It is a budget title, afterall (it released at only $30) so while I was admittedly a little disappointed that the game can be beaten in a single session, I had fun the entire time playing it. This is definitely the most action-packed VR game I've played yet. Just try to avoid using PS Move controllers with it.
Even as a short budget title like this, DOOM still manages to be more fun and chaotic than a lot of full blown AAA first-person shooters could ever hope to be.


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