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Thu Feb 22 18 02:58pm
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Dragon Quest Builders for Nintendo Switch

I had never played a Dragon Quest game before this one, nor have I ever played any type of MineCraft game. However, after downloading the eShop demo on a whim to try it out I was immediately hooked. I put in a good two hours into the demo before I decided I wouldn't wast any more time on that and purchase the actual game. (Got it for 42.50 thanks to sale on eShop $50 cards.)

I love how it combined the awesome building aspect of gameplay with an actual story and quests to do. You aren't just given a world to build in, but actual things to accomplish and progress the story. There are some interesting characters and great dialog, there are boss fights, there are blueprints to help you build certain things, there are tons of weapons and armor to craft, and there is a lot of mining and building general. I didn't think this game would hook me like it has. My game of the year so far. Highly recommend you try out the demo!


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