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This is unfortunate, because it's clear that they're shutting down in the rest of the world not long after this. (TBH, expect them to make an announcement to the same tune tomorrow for other regions, I'd say.)

These relays are actually generally the only way I get any streetpasses. At least, pretty sure McDonalds was set up as a relay station, always would get 5 or so streetpasses in there when I'd go in. Really haven't had a streetpass in months that isn't from the demo station at Gamestop. (Since that one has a really weird Mii that's a bunch of random letters and numbers set to it.)

Gonna have to pick it up on trying to get my Puzzle Swap stuff done ASAP if I want any chance of getting it done without having to take the luck of the draw into account. (Spend 300 coins, get 1-3 new pieces,. LOL.)


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