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Thu Mar 22 18 01:01pm
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Yeah I agree with your comment. Although it was a very impressive game, I feel a lot of folks could have looked a little deeper into it before labelling it as the most perfect game ever. But 'bad' ratings may be a common problem these days. I'd seriously chose to eliminate star ratings on Netflix and iTunes - if I could, I feel they are just toying with us the way they are now.

I mean, when we are all going to be like, hey it's f-Zelda, everyone knows, it is as perfect as a game can be.. It might just be better to spend a little bit more time to look into it, with maybe a more honest approach to see what it is we personally like about it, and where the game just didn't really made it happen. It is kinda important I think, because reviews that are done on the fly or just not done accurately they might just be spreading inaccuracy.. like, forever! We or our children might even start to believe our fantasies in time.. We might even lose the ability to think for ourselves if we are getting used to hook on to the 'loud noises' without considerations. Oh man.. Now I feel kinda bad, I like to see a super duper review score for my favourite game as well : ) So yeah... For me that is not BotW though.. although I found it still to be a very impressive game for the most part.

It is good though to see that there are people out there that truly take their time to let things sink in before they head out to put their rating on the net. You don't have to agree everywhere of course, but it is always better when things are well substantiated. For example I really enjoyed watching this guys video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zuX8miVwig It gave me more hope for the future of Zelda than any BotW award or perfect review score could have given me.

Still GotY does not mean it is perfect of course, so that is a win ^_^


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