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Thu Mar 22 18 08:42pm
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You're making some hefty assumptions here. First and foremost, I love the game.

But you can't say that saying the game is absolutely perfect and needs to have every reward isn't at least a little blind

Your other assumption is that I am taking people's joy away. I never said people aren't allowed to like things, either. So please take your presumptuous attitude elsewhere

It's just very silly that when I had just finished a post about how I love the game and explaining my position in detail, that the next time I gloss over the details a bit, somebody comes along and fills in the gaps with their own defensive preconceived notions.
Nota bene: I am not blaming you for not having seen my other detailed post, but you have to understand that your defense here is entirely irksome when it misses the mark by that much


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