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Fri Mar 23 18 08:22am
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Not really. An adequate response would be a question to ask for more information instead of making assumptions. That seems more like the proper thing to do.

Besides, I had just explained my whole stance in literally a few articles back about the exact same subject with how BotW received a multitude of rewards. Surely people who feel as passionate about this subject as to have such strong responses to literally one line would also have seen that article, yes?

Again, I don't blame people for not having seen that artcle, but I do blame people for just making assumptions instead of either asking me or looking into it.

Really, I was just sketching a slightly humorous (to me anyway) picture of one guy who doesn't agree with the multitude of rewards among a sea of people who agree with every single one of them and more. It wasn't my intention to have this to be taken seriously, and I had hoped terms like "party pooper" had a facetious connotation enough to make that clear.
That isn't to say I don't want to have a serious discussion. (I mean, I think I'm having a pretty serious conversation about it right now with 3 people.) But...
A) I already had a serious discussion and only wanted to have a small comment this time around
B) I take issue with the fact people make such presumptions and are acting very defensive

This really is the case of a small innocent comment being misinterpreted wildly and it spiraling out of control


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