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No. It doesn’t make it perfect. Does that mean every GOTY is considered “perfect” and without flaws? In your opinion what is your best game of the last year? Do you consider than game perfect?

Like I said - no game is perfect. If a game was perfect then the video game industry stops and we’ll never need to play any more games. Why bother - we’ve reached the pinaccle and can’t exceed that.

Everything has flaws. Having flaws doesn’t make something bad.

As I posted on a previous story.

I think weapons break too easy. Not being able to use the master sword unless it’s shiny is dumb. The divine beasts I enjoyed but their bosses were repedative. I missed unique items but the runes were a nice compromise and fun to play with.
Those are some of the faults I have with the game but it doesn’t stop me enjoying the game immensely and considering it one of the best games I’ve ever played (in my 30 years of gaming)


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