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Fri Mar 23 18 04:45pm
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Actually, yes, if an athlete starts getting all the gold medals at the olympics, then that would be very weird and unprecedented and very deserving of an investigation, because there's likely foul play at hand. (Matchfixing, sabotage, bias/bribery if it's a judged sport, etc.)

Besides, you can't really compare an olympic sport to a game. Olympic sports, for the most part, are an objective measurement of a performance. For example, speed skating is simply the person who is the fastest. For game awards, it's strongly subjective. Saying a game is deserving of a reward is largely an opinion and can differ from person to person, whereas you can't say "I think Athlete B should've won the award" despite him being 2 seconds slower than Athlete A.

(And yes, there are olympic sports that are judged, but even for judged olympic sports, there are very strict guidelines for how an athlete should be judged, and they try to eliminate bias and human judging error as much as possible by eliminating the highest and lowest judged score, all so it can remain as objective as possible instead of being a subjective opinion of an athlete's performance.)

But what I don’t think is ok is to say it shouldn’t get accolades because it already has enough.
Whew. Good thing I never said that then

Your “party pooper” phrase was obviously facetious but your “blind praise” phrase was clearly not.
Are you saying I just switched tones mid-sentence? And who are you to decide what my tone was?

Seriously, can you just drop this already? I made a facetious comment that in no way was supposed to rile people up like this and I am getting tired of this discussion where I am constantly getting blamed for things I didn't really do

EDIT: I'll make it easy. I'm going to drop the discussion myself right here.
I just made an innocent joke and I already spent way too much time trying to explain the intents of my original comment. If people still take offense to it at this point, then it's beyond helping, since I really did all I could do at this point

And I just know that you're going to take this opportunity to put words in my mouth and have the final say in things. People never ever can resist that when the other party drops the discussion.

EDIT2: Yep, there it is. Well done


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