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Fri Mar 23 18 05:17pm
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I’m not getting riled up. And certainly not offended. Why do people think debate, disagreement or difference of opinion equals offense? I’m trying to have a discussion and have been quite calm and civil and try understand the narrative that I’ve increasingly seen about “perfect” games, 10/10 rated games, GOTY awarded games and the debate that because a game has flaws it can’t or shouldn’t be awarded a 10/10 score or a GOTY award.

I figured you’d point to many Olympic sports being objective rather than subjective but you can award praise to a video game based on objective or technical aspects too.

Whew. Good thing I never said that then

You have. You might not have used the exact words I printed but you have made comments supporting that.

I also think it deserves some awards, in fact. All of them, though? Definitely not.

Anyways you haven’t been able to articulate, to me at least, why you have a problem with BOTW, or any game, receiving the high amount of praise and accolades it has. Goodnight.


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