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In two minds on this...

Tropical Freeze is one of my favourite platformers of all time, definitely the best DKC and up there with top games on Wii U. It's amazing. So a third Retro DKC should be exciting to me but...I just don't want them on that. I'll definitely take another if that's what they're working on but they're too creative a studio to be stuck to a franchise for a trilogy before they can move on. I was fine with a third Prime since it felt like that series deserved a conclusion for the story they setup but DKC doesn't have that same need.

I would be happy to see another developer take on DKC. Plenty of developers who could do it justice, maybe not to the Retro standards but still. Honestly though I'd rather see a new 3D DK game. 2D platformers are great but we have so many of them, from both Nintendo and indies. The 3D platformer revival hasn't seen too many great games outside of Odyssey and maybe A Hat in Time, I wish Nintendo would tackle that more.


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