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I'm also on the verge of dropping charlotte. The lack of an antagonist is really hurting it. Each episode is basically the same so far...and I'm hoping that's just so that they can establish a team dynamic and introduce the main characters. Judgin by the opening, the four mains have been established. Also, I think that if the scientists were to beat the student council to a person with powers, that could lead to an interesting arc. Imagine the team having to pull off an infiltration/rescue mission ala Assassination Classroom. Would be much more interesting than what is currently being output. I like the character design (aesthetically) though and the potential is there, so I'll give it a little bit more.

Jitsu wa is kinda lame. The character design is average imo and it has no real plot. I've noticed a lot of the anime this season are the type of series that I would rather watch all at once than have to wait a week for.

Overlord I'll have to give a chance later this week.

Going to go watch the latest Shimoneta now. You've got me hyped for it!

Also, thanks for recommending school live. I was gonna skip it, but it has quickly became one of my must sees. Have you watched Rokka no Yuusha or Joukamachi no Dandelion?


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