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Tue Jul 28 15 01:02am
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The lack of emotional investment is making me wanna drop it. Since the beginning it has felt like it has shown the most negative aspects from Angel Beats! But at least Angel Beats has like you said an antagonist, but also I think you cared more about certain characters.

Perhaps Jitsu Wa is more charming to me since it kind of feels like it has sort of a cheesy delivery that I've come to expect from latin american soap operas. Still you're right, it hasn't really presented a conflict to get invested. Also in my case I've preferred watching each weekly since I can then watch several things a week and not just devote time to a single thing, also because most are fine. If anything this season mainly lacked memorable openings, again, they're fine but they're not in the same level as Mirai Nikki's or FMA.

Be in mood for dialogue, Overlord has plenty. [Kind of feels they stuck a bit too much to the VN].

I missed a scene after the credits.

It's the surprise of the season for me, it's one of my favorite narrative tropes,


I haven't watched those, I'm not too much into medieval fantasy, but I suppose what's important is if the mystery is compelling. And what's the other one about?


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