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Great topic! I envy you playing MM for the first time. That's a game I play through regularly and I always think I'd love to be playing it for the first time again. I hope you get as much out of it as I do!

Currently Playing: L.A. Noire. Only a couple of hours into it but really liking it so far. Slower paced than I expected, but in a pleasantly surprised kinda way. The story hasn't grabbed me yet but I am enjoying the mechanics and exploring the world. I'm sure the plot will thicken soon too.

Just Finished: Axiom Verge. Really loved this game. Actually bought it the same day as L.A., played L.A. for a bit then thought I'd give AV ten mins before I finished for the night, hours later I forced myself to go to bed and didn't look at another game till I'd 100%'d Normal Mode (including the extra stuff). I really felt that from the very beginning this game created a compelling atmosphere, story and sense of mystery. I also thought it was really fun to play and it had some real stand our moments. I'd strongly recommend it to anyone that's anyway into Metroidvania, pixel art games, or new games that bring with them an instant sense of nostalgia.


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